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By Jerri Stroud, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 04/05/2007

Eben Shantz is an IT guy and uses Electric Internet, a joint venture between River City Internet and Ameren Energy Communications. (Kevin Manning/P-D)

When Eben Shantz gets tired of working in his downtown loft, he can take his computer to the rooftop lounge or anywhere else in the Ventana, a building that offers Internet access from any electric outlet. read more

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New Products
10 MB E-Port Service

Primary Network's new e-Port service is the next ISP e-Port Accessgeneration platform for broadband internet access. E-Port provides Internet access speeds from 10 MB to 155 MB.  What makes e-Port the next generation platform? It bypasses the public switched telephone network and connects directly to a dedicated metropolitan fiber optic network running beneath the streets.  Click here for more info.

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